Our Process.

We don’t just talk the talk. Our actions speak for themselves. To ensure we’re delivering what’s promised, Intyb operate with transparency in all aspects of our process. Clear documentation is provided at the outset where both parties agree to the same terms and conditions. We’ll work with you to provide flexible plans for project execution.

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01. Discussion

To understand your intent and scope, we begin a comprehensive needs review.

02. Planning

We plan for future steps and include a timeframe for the design and development of a premium product/project.

03. Design

Prototype takes form and the layout is ready for the look and experience of the product to understand.

04. Development

Here's where we develop and render the program run from design to code.

05. QA & Testing

The software is checked intensively to ensure that it is bug-free & functions consistently.

06. Deployment

We migrate the code to a reliable and secure server for deployment.


After working through the brief provided by the client, we will supply a scope of work to be signed off on by both parties. The price attached to the scope is the price you pay. This is a RISK FREE model as it provides you the peace of mind in knowing we’ll get the project completed in time and within the allocated budget.


Our hourly base rate model is based on the number of hours necessary to finish your project. This type of model is suitable when a client doesn’t understand the complete scope of work. Our hourly rate is calculated by the type of work, amount of minimum total hours required and the priority of the project.


We recommend this for companies looking to hire FULL TIME developers. We will dedicate a number of employees to work solely on your projects. This model is a cost-efficient as you pay a FIXED rate. Rather than worrying about investing in training, assets and web development, give us the work and we’ll worry about the rest.

We provide services that satisfy customers.